Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Fed up with that all bullshit - more tomorrow

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dinner Parte

So i did it - my first dinner party - well maybe not a party but parte :P
Mark and Viktoras braved unknown, accepted invitation and have called in over risking their own lives to have a dinner i have prepared for them.
Yes ive been quite nervous - but they are all well at least for the moment ;)
now i have never made it before so was experimenting myself and i think it was good :)
There is a portion left for my Flatmate but hes like a doggy dog and eats whatever is given as long as he doesn't have to make it - so i can proudly say - there will be no leftovers :)
BTW how the heck do you peal pineapple? well got annoyed and cut it off around, huge chunks of whatever it is - skin, scales whatever and what was left has disappointed :)
Now i am ready to host huge dinner party - just need more chairs, tables, cutlery, and defo more wine :) Ah Viktoras - next time Mark says go on to balcony then go - such a waist of champagne :P
So next time i get paid there will be more of you invited and i hope you will all enjoy my made up recipes :) and i will try to do my best to make it delicious :)
power of cookery - shine on me!!! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Finding the Trail

So there i was 10am in my bed opening the eyes slowly - left hand, down, grabbed the phone - feck im late - thats how the day started. Well its not about my day or how it started but what i was meant to do today and what i haven't done. why??? well here it goes.........
the whole purpose of me taking monday off was to...... not gonna lie - have a day extra after all weekend of pride celebrating.... but there was other reason, wanted to go with Glenn to Trailfinders and book the holidays for september. Well not gonna make it all long and boring and ill keep it short.
Went there waited 20min to be asked and - if you may say it - served. So that guy comes over asks as we sit down and it starts.
Guys what you wanna do? so i say..... i have this flights and my mate wans to join so can you suggest what and were and whats the best deal? - that was a big mistake! anyway short and quick, mr. salesman told Glenn he is not the only one after Glenn politely apologized for wasting his time.
Well it was him who didn't listen to what we want but wanted to sell weird and expensive flights and diving place in Borneo........ ah if you so bored of your work and you just dont care then leave or take time off to recharge!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

pride nite out

so i went out - as every self respected new to all gay queer boydoes on a pride weekend/nite.
Joined my good buddy Alan and his flatmate and headed off to the icon gay club/pub The George or as some or most of locals refer to it as the big 'G'. Of course it wouldn't be a great nite without guys being late so yeah it was me on a luas stop letting two trams to go through but finally we met up and headed off to have a ball.
Yeah got there and the Q was quite long - guess the longest I've ever experienced in my short life of a gay 'boi' heading to the G. - anywhoo i'm not that experienced in Q-ing so can't be an expert on it, it was long!
Well whats the point of it all?
In my quite short staying there - just few hours - 10pm to 1am i have been slapped at my arse so many times i still can feel the hand shape on it - not quite sure how i should take it - a beat up and pick up???
Anywhoo my point is - wouldn't it be easier and more civilized to have a conversation first? Don't get me wrong - i think i should be proud - guys like touching my rear end :P not gonna say i didn't enjoy it a bit - but hey did it lead anywhere? am i just being to naive? was it a sole purpose of whoever was slapping me to feel ho w hard or soft it is? Maybe - tho id prefer to start off with some wordy conversation - it would probably lead to better end of the nite then getting annoyed with the music and having subway sambo.
Alan don't get me wrong - nite was bril and great and fun - as always with you and wouldn't try to change it - i know i've been and arse and disappointing bustard lately - but hey i'm not gonna be self-obsessed virgin and deny my physical needs - so just for the future reference, maybe its better to try and talk? Or maybe slapping is the way? Anyone any suggestions?
cheers and nite nite.

Saturday - Dublin Pride Parade

yeah it was my first time on a streets of Dublin watching the Pride Parade in Dublin.
Tho im here for past six years i never was brave enough or willing to be brave and proud to go and see it. Life is changing for me and my attitude to life as well, being more open to myself and not caring what others say is rather good stuff to live with :O - yeah im surprised i said it.
Well.... going back to the Pride - it was amazing and will have few photos following soon - nothing major. It felt so good to be ok with who i am and watching everyone cheering and being happy and Proud ;) on the other side after the Pride walk it kindda looked like all queers want just to get pissed and laid - tho who am i to judge it?
So after all proud guys and girls marching managed to get to the event location with few mates. After long and very crushing queening we got through - yupi i was there.
Panti - what a lady - thanks for the facts:
22000 marching
100000 spectators alongside streets watching
that is impressive taking in to consideration march in Sofia had less marchers then cops escorting them:(
There were other facts mentioned i had no idea of but not gonna mention it here - don't want to look like a complete fool.
So just to make this story short and bit interesting and put it in to my life for ever - im proud i was there, im happy i live here in Dublin, im happy i lived to see it and be a small part of it - trying to be humble now.
Rest of the nite will follow soon - nothing spicy but worth writing about :)
Ah if ill be allowed to mention............
Rob - it was a great Lady GaGa outfit
Glenn - you were fab with your green wings or whatever it was and green army outfit was perfect.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

there he was standing at the platform looking around, wondering himself ; what the heck am i doing here? ; ah sure i will be alrite :) nothing can go wrong, all be good.
sure he grabbed the handle of his used suitcase and started walking toward the end of a long hall. There it was sign 'Immigration' or maybe it was 'Passport Control'? who would remember such a minor detail being that excited, just to think he will be doing all that stuff he was reading about seeing all the places he already saw in the pictures and the movies - it will be a life time adventure, he thought.

-Good morning sir - your passport please!?
-There you are - he replied.
-Ah sir no visa - you need visa - go back down the hall and get visa..
Visa?? he wondered - travel agent said EU don't need a VISA - but hey its not USA so if i can get it 'down the hall' i will - so he smiled to a gorgeous looking immigration officer, turned around and walked 'down the hall'.
- a good start to a book or a life changing story isn't it?